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  • Vilma Esoto, VSO volunteer from the Philippines with student and trainer at Kathivo Youth Polytechnic
    Enlightened thinking: improving education in Kenya

    Many youth polytechnic schools in Kenya face debilitating funding shortages and some even lack electricity to power their workshops. Fundraising support officer, business advisor and VSO volunteer Vilma Esoto is bringing her business acumen – and infectious enthusiasm – to a challenging situation.

  • Jane Ntunyoi in her tailoring shop
    The bump-up to business success

    Jane Ntuoyi lives and works in the one-street village of Chumvi, where her small shop vies for attention with the health clinic and school. She bought the plot for her home and shop with money secured through VSO Jitolee and microfinance organisation K-Rep, and now runs a thriving business.

About VSO

VSO is an international development charity. Our volunteers work with local organisations that serve poor people. They help give children a future through education. They improve the standards of care in hospitals. They train poor people in the skills they need to earn a living.