Secure livelihoods

Secure livelihoods

VSO Jitolee’s goal in secure livelihoods is to contribute to poverty reduction and sustainable development through increasing opportunities and wealth creation of young people, women and persons with disability.

With a specific focus on skills for employability and entrepreneurship as well as agribusiness, VSO Jitolee recognizes demand-led technical skills development can transform the fight against poverty by spurring economic growth and creating empowerment.

With youth unemployment rising, VSO Jitolee is increasingly focusing on market-led technical and vocation skills to contribute to social inclusion, decent employment and poverty reduction.

A critical part of VSO Jitolee’s intervention is to develop strong links with private sector so as to advise sector requirements, expose young people to industry as well as facilities access to employment upon graduation. In this regard, VSO Jitolee strategically partners with the corporate sector and social enterprises.

VSO Jitolee interventions are designed through technical and capability building support by VSO professional volunteers to ensure enterprise development and market linkages are accessible to the disadvantaged groups for profitability and sustainability.

We are building on our work with vocational training centres (VTCs) to improve enterprise development and increase economic empowerment opportunities for youth within the rural and urban poor communities. VSO Jitolee works with over 25 under resourced VTCs through projects that aim to improve vocational training; governance; and management of VTCs that will see them develop into service centres of excellence in agribusiness development; innovation using mobile telephony, and use of information and communication technology.

Empowering youth and women through skills development and agribusiness is well nested within the Kenya’s Vision 2030 which position’s youth technical training and agricultural sector as a key driver for the delivery of the economic pillar.

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