Corporate partnerships

Corporate partnerships

We believe that the corporate sector has an important role to play in the fight against poverty. That’s why we work in partnership with companies like yours to create lasting change that is mutually beneficial and makes the world a better place for all.

Cathrine Kola Chairman of KCB foundation with Ben Ngutu, Chief Executive of VSO Jitolee

Poverty reduction requires the kind of economic growth that enhances the ability of poor people to participate in and benefit from economic activity. This is often referred to as ‘pro-poor growth’. The private sector makes a crucial contribution to economic growth. Businesses can now use their most powerful and precious resource – people – to engage with communities in a structured way that will benefit all.

VSO has something unique to offer you as a corporate partner. With our 50 years of development experience, you can proudly claim to be part of a long-term solution that’s changing people’s lives around the world. We develop ground-breaking partnerships with like-minded organisations to deliver key business and corporate responsibility objectives. We also offer you the chance to engage your employees in the work you support, through life-changing volunteering opportunities.

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