Corporate volunteering

Corporate volunteering

Corporate volunteering can empower people and communities to take control of their future and fulfil their potential through diverse social and economic initiatives.

Rosemary Theuri Waithaka, Adan Mohammed and Rosemary Mutunkei

Professionals bring expertise from the corporate sector to benefit development partners, who gain access to crucial business skills, acting as an engine for sustainable growth. Our partnerships in the corporate sector are also mutually beneficial, as our corporate partners benefit from increased employee motivation, staff retention and a more highly skilled workforce.

By supporting employee volunteering, your company will enjoy real benefits that will make it stronger and more competitive. Your employee volunteers can become ambassadors for your company, enhancing your reputation in the community. Equally importantly, employee volunteering will add value to companies by providing your employees an opportunity to contribute to issues they are passionate about.

Read about our successful corporate volunteering partnerships with General Motors East Africa, Safaricom Foundation and Standard Chartered Bank Kenya

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