Trusts and foundations

Trusts and foundations

Trusts and foundations are integral to helping VSO Jitolee bring people together to share their skills and to make the communities where we work a fairer place for all.

Esther Gilisho in her farm in Il Ngwesi

The support of trusts and foundations is crucial to achieving our vision of a world without poverty.

Partnering with VSO Jitolee means you can help change people’s lives across the world by supporting:

  • a specific project
  • a country
  • a volunteer
  • an open donation or grant for VSO Jitolee to direct to where it is most needed.

What we offer

Our partnerships can be customised entirely to your requirements – so we can deliver a positive difference through your investment.

We’ll keep you updated on the impact your donation has made, provide you with reports, case studies, films, images and organise visits to your funded project.

We will ensure that your grant reaches the people who are most in need  to provide marginalised communities, particularly women, youth and disabled people, with an opportunity to work together to improve their lives.

Read about our partnerships with the Ford Foundation and the KCB Foundation

For more information on how you can support VSO Jitolee contact:

Head of Business Resourcing - or Business Resourcing and Partnerships Manager -